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Unique features of the MSafe™ Oxygen Breathing System

MSafe™ Oxygen Breathing Systems are highly functional, lightweight and sleek with a Velcro® non-defacing attachment on the Oxygen Flow Control Module for strategic placement and access by both doctor and assistant. The 3-Way Oxygen Flow Control Module can be attached either on the face of a cabinet or under a countertop as its flow control dials can be viewed and adjusted from either a vertical or horizontal placement.

The unit can be adapted to an existing oxygen supply source such as a N2O/O2 inhalation sedation station, or directly coupled to an oxygen cylinder.

An individual oxygen delivery system via identical Nasal Insert Elements for patient, doctor and assistant offers:

1 – Maximum comfort – Nasal Insert Elements less than 2 ounces in weight.

2 – Ease of placement and removal.

3 – Perfect seals created by the Nasal O2 Delivery Assembly prohibits introduction of ambient air.

4 – Clarity of communication between doctor and assistant compared to the muffled voicing inherent with respirator masks.

5 – Effective disinfection, filtration and maintenance. Removable in-line disposable filter element to assure no bacterial contamination of tube and bag assemblies.

6 – Nasal Insert Element allows rotation of patient’s head to better access operative sites compared to the restricted lateral movements of nitrous oxide/oxygen nasal hoods that cinches the patient’s head to the dental chair.

7 – Ease of breathing as the reservoir bag is close to the breathing assembly rather than at the remote oxygen supply source common with N2O/O2 inhalation sedation systems.

8 – The delivery system units can serve as well as an emergency oxygen delivery system.

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